Canadians Following Canadian Musicals

Canadians for Canadian Musicals is a group that was started many years ago by Robert Missen to help promote and encourage the production of Canadian Musicals.  Because of Robert’s great work many productions have seen increased awareness and increased patronage, and have gone on to bigger and better things because of the added publicity.
A small group of us, with Robert’s blessing, have now taken over the group, to continue and enhance its usefulness, and to ensure that Original Canadian Productions get the publicity and the audience that they deserve.  Here is the Mission Statement from the original facebook group:
“The musical is one of the great 20th-century North American art forms. Canada has had its share of talented musical theatre creators, and some success both at home and abroad in the presentation of Canadian works. But our current commercial producers and not-for-profit theatre companies are shirking their responsibility to this art form and its artists. Canadians for Canadian Musicals plans to provide a forum for a passionate yet thoughtful discussion of this situation, with the hope that we can change the current producing climate in our country.”
We plan to continue this great work, but most importantly, we intend to get the word out about upcoming Canadian Productions, and make sure that you get out there and enjoy them!  We will be writing Blog posts and facebook messages about any upcoming Canadian shows we learn about, as well as writing informative articles on our great successes of the past, and tweeting out any updates and show schedules we hear about.
And here is the great group of people who will be administrating the group:
Mark Willett: Toronto, Regional Ontario
Tim Porter: Toronto, Regional Ontario
Julie Kevan: East Coast
Lindsay Bickerstaffe: West Coast
Full bios of all these wonderful people to come.  We will also have special posts by Canadian performers and producers, and several contributing authors who have a specialty in Canadian Musical Theatre.
So!  Thanks for stopping by, have a quick look around, see what we are up to, and go check out an original Canadian Production!
All our best,
Canadians For Canadian Musicals

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