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Are you a producer of Canadian Musical Theatre with an upcoming show?  Are you a performer currently working in a great Canadian Production?  Are you an audience member that just saw or heard about a great Canadian Production?  Let us know!

We are happy to post any info about any upcoming Canadian Productions, and will do our best to search out and promote as many Canadian Musicals as we can.  Help us out!  If you hear about a show, let us know about it!  And if you are producing a show, tell us all about it and we will help you get the word out!

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-Canadians for Canadian Musicals


2 thoughts on “Join Us!

  1. Hello
    I really appreciate the review of Canadian Musicals. I am the Director of a Youth Group in Whitby that produces musicals. We are doing a new musical version of the Jungle Book (the show is British, written by Stuart Paterson). We have set the production – Post Apocalyptic. It runs for two weeks in June ( Next year we are doing a new American Musical – Witches about the Salem Witch Trials. Both are the original Canadian productions

    One of the problems with Canadian Musical Theatre is the tying up of rights waiting for a non-existant professional production to appear. The reason American Musicals are well known is that they are done over and over. Within in a year of most major Broadway productions, the rights are available for Universities and Community Theatre’s to produce the show – giving it an ongoing life. By 5 years after the production on Broadway, the show is generally available. I enquired about the rights to one of the Canadian Musicals that was listed. It has not had a professional production since the early 90’s but they will not release the rights to others – guys it ain’t going to happen if it hasn’t happened in 20 years…..

    It is simply shooting yourselves in the foot.

    As a result, when community theatre’s look for show and scripts they rarely bother looking at Canadian content. A central registry such as you are putting together here will be of great benefit.

    • Hello John,

      Yes, I agree, it is a big issue with a lot of Canadian Musicals that rights, perusal copies, scripts, scores, etc are not readily available, and myself and several other Canadian Theatre Professionals have been discussing the issue at length. We will continue to do our best to procure materials and provide them here, and within the coming months you will see as much information as possible on Canadian productions. We will also begin the process soon of contacting authors and agents and trying to get full details of shows, so companies such as yourself who are interested in producing Canadian work have the opportunity to do so.

      Check back often and hopefully you will be able to program a Canadian production with the next couple of years. Also, please don’t hesitant to shoot us an email and we can do our best to play liaison to any shows you may be interested in producing.

      All my best John, and break legs with your productions,


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