A LADYLIKE MURDER @ Isabel Bader Theatre

VCDS proudly presents the original student-written musical ‘A Ladylike Murder’!
Set  in the extravagant Victorian era, ‘A Ladylike Murder’ is the story of Elaine Moore— a young woman  struggling for autonomy and love in a restrictive society. With a cast of characters including scheming politicians and a gossiping chorus of townsfolk, ‘A Ladylike Murder’ is a darkly funny and tragic musical journey.
ADVANCE TICKETS for “A Ladylike Murder” are AVAILABLE!
For sale online (http://www.uofttix.ca/) or at the UofTtix Box office (416) 978-8849
Open Mon-Fri 11am-5pm in the lower level of Hart House (7 Hart House Circle, University of Toronto)


Playing at the Isabel Bader Theatre

Written by Joseph Trefler and Aviva Philip-Muller. Directed by Nicole Bazuin


March 8th-March 10th.  8pm shows


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