Come all yeCome-All-Ye

Come-All-Ye, now that’s the Island’s Kitchen Party show!

Come-All-Ye plays at the Mackenzie Theatre (better known as the Mack) in Charlottetown,P.E.I. I had no idea what to expect from the show, apart from knowing it included some of the Island’s best musicians: John Connolly, Ashley Condon, Chas Guay, Caroline Bernard and Mark Haines. Wade Lynch is the director and Patrick Ledwell was the narrator/comedian.

Come-All-Ye is the show that has the audience laughing out-loud over Islander “ways” and culture. It’s one big joke. I was laughing from the top of the show and bouncing in my seat to those Island tunes. It’s really funny to see a show done by Islanders making fun of Islanders such as themselves. Ha! They talk about the Acadian people, Stompin Tom, Anne Murry, potatoes, Tignish, pronunciations, and funny Island ways.

One of my highlights of the evening was having the beautiful Ashley Condon share a powerful song about her mother and their journey together. Ashley is an Island musician who has been really making her way in the music industry. I think that song touched many people in the audience, especially single parents and mothers. There was a slide-show with pictures of Ashley, her mom and their home. This song is different from anything else I have heard Ashley write and I think it’s a winner!It’s very honest, raw, and beautiful. John Connolly, Caroline Bernard, and Mark Haines also gave the audience a treat with their solo numbers.

Patrick Ledwell was the show’s narrator/comedian. He is a local writer and has published his own book: I am an Islander. Patrick was full of lively energy and great timing. He made me want to pick up his book! Even if you’re not familiar with P.E.I or if you CFMA (“come from away”) you will find humor with Patrick Ledwell.

A really nice feature to the show was having pictures of elderly people on the screen with an audio recording of a story important to them. People enjoyed those quiet and nice moments of the show. I think it’s because it reminds us of the stories that our grandparents shared during our childhood. They also had voice-overs and pictures of good old Eric MacEwen. I think Islanders appreciated that. It was a nice touch.

If you’re an Islander and if you “come from away” (CFMA) and you want to laugh and discuss some hilarity, go to Come-All-Ye.
This show made me laugh and reaffirmed my theory: Nobody tells a story like an Islander!


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