The Beaver Den

If you have ever watched “Camp Caribou”, “Blue’s Clues”, “Sharon, Lois and Bram” or any show with a puppet, this show will bring back memories for you.

The musical follows “The Beaver Den”, a long running kids show, in the year 1999 when new Japanese Anime shows are garnering the attention of kids, causing their viewership to decrease. The show is a close look at the people who act on the show and how their lives are being affected by the threat of the show going off the air. Although the setting is a children’s show, this is not a show for children. There is mild swearing, but more so most of the themes would go over their heads; of closeted cast members, jokes on drug addiction and the issue of race in the entertainment industry.

The show takes the theme of being Canadian and runs with it. Constant references to typical Canadian symbols which may seem cliché but look at yourselves, Canada. It is what we do as a culture. We stereotype ourselves as much as anyone does for us.

As for the production itself I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout the show. Particular songs that still stick in my head include “Johnny Love” and “Like a Maple Leaf”. The music has a very current music theatre feel to it. The cast kept me laughing with lines and lyrics, some seemingly improvised, consistently through the show.

I should take the time to mention every single cast member, as each of them stood out. There was not a weak performer in the production. However, I would rather you go and form your own opinion about this young group of actors and this new piece of work. The show runs until Sunday, October 14th at the Lower Ossington Theatre. Tickets are 18 dollars, 15 with a valid student card, and available online at and can also be purchased at the door. Go and have some laughs. Who knows when you will get a chance to see this piece again. I am hoping to see a bigger production of the show in the future.


The Beaver Den

Book: Jennifer and Jaclyn Enchin.

Music and Lyrics: Taylor Abrahamse.

Playing at the Lower Ossington Theatre until October 14th

Tickets: General $18, Student $15


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