The war show“YOU’LL GET USED TO IT” traces a squad of Canadian soldiers and the women in their lives, from the beginning of their enlistment, to the final victory of World War II.  From the rambunctious comedy of their boot camp days, to chasing girls in England, to  the terrors of D-Day, this play captures the essence of that era through humour, songs, and drama.

This musical play was commissioned and dramaturged by Heinar Piller, Artistic Director of The Grand Theatre in London, Ontario, Canada, where it received its premiere.  It subsequently transferred to the Performing Theatre Company in Toronto.  Since then it has been produced in many other professional regional theatres.  A Canadian tour ended in a sold-out run at the Muskoka Festival Theatre.  The play was published jointly by Simon & Pierre/The Dundurn Press and is now available through the Playwrights Guild of Canada.  In 2011 Alex Mustakas, the Artistic Director of Canada’s famous Drayton Festival compared The War Show’s power to shows like Big River and Blood Brothers.   



Written By: Peter Colley

Licensing By: Playwrights Guild of Canada,, (416) 703-0201

Cast Requirements: 6 Men, 2 Women


Meadowvale Theatre, Mississauga,


The Kanata Theatre, Ottawa, 2007

Drayton Entertainment, ON, 2001

Muskoka Theatre Festival, ON

Performing Theatre Company, Toronto

Grand Theatre, London, ON

Reviews: “THE WAR SHOW FULL OF GUTS AND GLORY! “Takes the audience through a range of emotions thanks to a humorous yet intelligent script…a flawless portrayal of life in the most difficult of times.  With rapid repartee and slapstick humour, the cast took the audience on a historic and hysterical romp.  Their romances, dreams and hopes all blend together in a story so heartfelt and real, the audience was audibly sniffing and wiping away tears.  The cast portrayed the rising of the human spirit with guts and ingenuity, garnering a well-deserved standing ovation.  The feelings are there, rare and un-censored, but the indomitable human spirit rises in the end.”
The Daily Courier


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