2013 & 2014: Two Years in Review

The site has been asleep for a little bit, so we thought we would write a compilation article about the past couple of years to give everyone an idea of what has been happening around the country.  From this point forward we will make a great effort to post upcoming productions and exciting news on a regular and consistent basis.  Stay tuned!

The past two years have been truly remarkable in the world of Canadian Musical Theatre.  We have seen more original Canadian work produced than ever before, and much of that work has gone on to greater productions, and audiences across the globe.  Canadian Musical Theatre seems to really be coming into its own and demonstrating how many stories we have to tell, how strong we are at putting pen to page, and how passionate we are about telling them.

One of the most exciting developments over the past 24 months has been Micahel Rubinoff’s Canadian Musical Theatre project at Sheridan College.  Exciting announcements seem to never stop coming from the projects born and bred there, and it is a constant rotating cycle of new work that seem proven to produce quality, exciting musical theatre that appeals to a wide viewing audience.

In particular, their shows COME FROM AWAY and THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING have both been exploding out of the gate.  More on that soon.  They have also been producing such great work as MARATHON OF HOPE, PROM QUEEN, MOLL, and THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF PERCIVAL VON SCHMOOTZ.  All of these shows did a staged reading this past year in Toronto, and the word of mouth has been fantastic.

On the west coast, 2013 gave us one of the most exciting projects we have seen to date in RIDE THE CYCLONE.  This incredible show, which first saw productions in Winnipeg and Toronto, moved on to several venues across the west coast, finishing at  Arts Club in Vancouver, where I had the pleasure of seeing the production.  It is one of the most remarkable pieces of Canadian Theatre I have ever seen, and absolutely deserves an audience as big as Broadway and beyond. It has since disappeared a little bit, but hopefully s just resting and enhancing for its turn in the limelight.

On the other side of the country, on our beautiful east coast, EVANGELINE saw it’s first major production at the Charlottetown Festival.  After years in the workshop process, this show was given the full staging it deserves, and will now be coming back to the festival for 2015, as well as a short stop out west.  I also had the pleasure of seeing this production, and I have to say it is an epic piece of theatre, not often seen on Canadian stages, and it was absolutely thrilling to see the sweeping saga come to life, with a beautiful score and riveting Canadian story.  Can’t wait to follow the future of this piece as well.

And back here in Toronto, EVIL DEAD saw it’s return to the Toronto stage, Soulpepper created a beautiful new show called SPOON RIVER, and much more!!!  More coming soon!  Stay tuned!


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