Are you producing an Original Canadian show, or do you have information about an upcoming production??  Send us all the details at and we will post the info on our blog, our facebook page and our twitter.

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  1. Hello,
    I have my own community theatre company in Nova Scotia. We are about to mount our second original musical. Our productions do very well and have been sold out. My questions is, now what do I do to take the show further. How do I go about getting it produced by a larger theatre or getting it published?
    Can you help?
    Kerri Leier

    • Hello Kerri,

      I’m not gonna lie, it can be incredibly difficult to shop around a new production and get people to pay attention to it, and even more than that to get them to take a chance on a new piece. Your best bet would be to apply to any of our national fringe festivals and take it there first as a showcase. Or, if you think it is ready to submit, you can mail or e-mail copies directly to most Theatres and hopefully they will have a look. Many copies have a person on their staff who will go through new work, and a contact email on their site of who you should get in touch with. I don’t know if there is a national theatre database where you could look for potential companies, but your best bet would be to check out the Canadian actors equity website, or theatre Ontario who have lots of helpful links in this vein. Best of luck!!

  2. Here’s one for you: The Last Duel…. unsurprisingly about the last duel fought in Canada. Originally written for the Perth Playhouse’s inaugural season I believe. I recently came across a copy and thought I would pass it on to your list….The author was David Jacklin who still runs the Perth Theatre

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